Zidni Hajj 2020

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Zidni is a non-profit dedicated to spreading authentic classical Islamic Dawah and knowledge here in the West. Our objective with our annual Umrah trip is to reconnect muslims in the west to the Holy sites of Islam and to provide an unmatched Islamic education and foster spiritual development in the process.  Being a non-profit, our objective is to serve you and not any self-interests.  This means we do not operate like a travel business looking to make any profit.  We make our prices the cheapest and as most affordable possible and إن شاء الله we will work hard to keep it this way!


Our Umrah trips are lead by experienced Imams, Ulama, and a team of leaders who are extremely knowledgable and trained in all aspects of the trip, including teaching and answering Fiqh question for all 4 Madhahib (Hanafi, Shaf’i, Maliki, and Hanbali).

SH. Ammar Shahin

Imam of Islamic Center of Davis

sh. ahmed khater

Founder of Zidni Islamic Institute

Moaz Razzack

Zidni Hajj Coordinator

Dates & SChedule



Monday July 20 2020 –  Wednesday, August 05 2020

Madinah Schedule

Monday – July 20, 2020

On Monday we depart for the blessed Journey.  Please plan accordingly as missed flights will cause additional charges for each traveler on their own expense. 

Tuesday – July 21, 2020

Schedule TBA

Wednesday – July 23, 2020

Schedule TBA

Thursday – July 23, 2020

Schedule TBA

Friday – July 24, 2020


Makkah Schedule

Saturday – July 25, 2020

Schedule TBA

Sunday – July 26, 2020

Schedule TBA

Monday – July 27, 2020

Schedule TBA

Tuesday – July 28, 2020

Schedule TBA

Wednesday – July 29, 2020

Schedule TBA

Thursday – July 30, 2020

Schedule TBA

Friday – July 31, 2020

Schedule TBA

Saturday – August 01, 2020

Schedule TBA

Sunday – August 02, 2020

Schedule TBA

Monday – August 03, 2020

Schedule TBA

Tuesday – August 04, 2020

Schedule TBA

Wednesday – August 05, 2020

Schedule TBA

HAJJ Packages

Zidni Group leaves from SFO on Monday July 20 via Emirates Airlines.  If you would like to travel from another airport, let us know! Same price traveling from any city in mainland-US!

our hotels

Elaf Grand Al-Majeedi – Madinah

In Madinah, Our guests will stay in the newly built Elaf Grand Al-Majeedi hotel. Elaf is a 5-Star hotel located directly inside the Haram.   This hotel also hosts many malls and restaurants making Madinah shopping and dining significantly easier.  This hotel is a premium and Ideal location for both first time guests of Madinah and recurring guests as well!


Jabal Omar Hilton Double Tree – Makkah

 In Mecca, our guests will now stay at Hilton Double Tree, a premium 5 star hotel located on the new development site of Jabal Omar upon the sacred ‘Haram.  While we usually stay inside the clocktower, moving to Jabal Omar makes avoiding the rush and elevator wait times significantly lower!  Opening in 2019, this hotel is newly built and hosts many restaurants.  These hotels serve as one of the quickest access points to the K’abah.  In addition, there is a prayer area (Musallah) inside the hotel making it easier for the elderly or sick who want to reap the reward of a 100,000 prayers!



Aqra Travel

ZIDNI is excited to partner with Aqra Travel in hosting our very first Spring Umrah trip.  While in our past Umrah trip we partnered with other travel agencies, we vetted and chose Aqra Travel due to their outstanding service, experience and developed packages for March umrahs.  Aqra Travel has been serving and fulfilling International travel needs for muslims in the US since 1981.

Aqra Travel will إن شاء الله take care of all payments, visa processing, hotel setup, and on-ground transportation logistics.  This is especially great as this will allow Zidni staff to focus more on spending time with Umrah attendees building relationships, serving and answering any questions that you or your family may have during the trip.

We hope that this is a beginning to a successful and very productive relationship for this Umrah and future Umrah trips!


Masjid Annur Sacramento

ZIDNI is also excited to partner with Masjid Annur in hosting their very first Zidni Umrah trip.  


our previous trips

We have been dedicated to providing Umrah services since 2016.

Alhamdu Lillah we have received overwhelming great feedback from all of our attendees.  Our first Umrah group in 2016 was made up of UC Davis MSA Students.  Our second Umrah group in December 2017 hosted families from all around the Bay Area and Sacramento region.  In December 2018 we expanded to hosting attendees from out of state.  إن شاء الله  Spring Umrah 2019 was our first spring break Umrah with over 80 attendees.


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