(As of Mar. 01, 2018).


Our seats are filling up fast.  Unfortunately our seats are first come first serve.  We cannot take registrations over the phone or by email, nor verbally in person.  If you would like to reserve you or your family’s seats, you must register yourself using the form below before seats run out.  Only 1 registration per family is necessary.


Jazakumullah Khair

ZIDNI Spring Umrah 2019 Registration
Only select multiple if total number of attendees is an odd number or you would like a multiple of different packages.
In order to register, you must be 18 years of age or older. For minors, a legal guardian must register, fill out, and submit travel documentation on behalf of the minor.
Any additional details you would like to provide
After submitting this form, we will contact you regarding payment and travel documentation, liability waiver and other forms.