Saudi Umrah Visa Fee For Non-first time Umrah travelers – 2000 SAR ($525 USD)

In September 2017, Saudi began to impose a 2000 Riyal fee on Umrah travelers who have gone in the past 2 hijri Year.  This meant if you went after Sep. 2016, you would have to pay this fee if you go again in December 2017.  

This year however, they have extended this fee to reflect 3 Hijri years, meaning if you have already went for Umrah after Sep. 2016 (1438 hijri) then you will still be required to pay the additional 2000R fee until 1441 Hijri (Sep. 2019).

To check to see if this fee applies to you, you may use the following Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah link and enter your passport information.